SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer 
        SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer
SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer 
        SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer
SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer 
        SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer

SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer


Discover the Speedbox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer – Your Ultimate Cycling Companion!

  • Bluetooth cycling computer
  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with SpeedBox App
  • 'Save your trip' function
  • Distance and time statistics
  • Non-volatile memory

Explore the ultimate in cycling technology with the SpeedBox Bluetooth Cycling Computer, available at our Liverpool bicycle store. This cutting-edge Bluetooth cycling computer seamlessly captures your ride details without any disruption to your cycling experience.

Designed with a non-volatile memory, the Bluetooth Cyclocomputer ensures that your valuable ride data, including total distance, time, average, and maximum speed, is securely stored, even if the battery runs low. Enjoy up to 80 hours of continuous riding on a single charge, all while maintaining constant Bluetooth access to the user-friendly SpeedBox App.

Unlock the full potential of the SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer by connecting it to your iOS or Android smartphone through the SpeedBox App. Revel in a large, easy-to-read display showcasing real-time riding data, such as actual speed, distance travelled, riding time, and average and maximum speed. Save your journeys and effortlessly monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistics for both time and distance.

The Bluetooth Cyclocomputer's first activation is a breeze – simply connect it to a power adapter with a USB output using the provided cable. Before each phone pairing, activate the Bluetooth Cyclocomputer by turning the wheel 360° and select the device from the SpeedBox App's list.

Maximize energy efficiency with the Power Saving Mode, automatically turning off Bluetooth after 10 seconds when not paired with your phone. Rest easy knowing that your total distance, time, and speed data are still being recorded. To re-establish connection, stop the bike for approximately 10 seconds.

Keep your Bluetooth Cyclocomputer ready for action by charging it with a standard power adapter featuring a USB output (5V/0.5A or more) and the included USB cable. Alternatively, use a power bank with a USB output or conveniently position your bike closer to a mains socket for charging. Note that the adapter and power bank are not included.

Elevate your cycling experience with the SpeedBox Bluetooth Cyclocomputer, available now at our Liverpool store. Embrace innovation, track your rides effortlessly, and ensure your cycling adventures are backed by cutting-edge technology.