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  • For peace of mind Recommended every 3-12 months, depending on use.
  • Keep your bike’s software at its best with the latest updates from the manufacturer.
  • Includes e-bike software update. Recommended every 3-12 months, depending on use.
  • Safety Check + Adjustments and Lubrication.
  • PDI level service on bike, which includes safety check, minor adjustments only and lubrication. Parts fitting and adjustments are extra.
  • Adjustments means anything other than a tweak of gear and brake adjustment. Fitting any parts, major adjustments beyond this and any cleaning are all extras. If we need to carry out any additional work during your service, we’ll contact you before going ahead.

Answer to help your customers feel more comfortable completing their purchase.

  • Includes e-bike software update. Recommended every 12-18 months, depending on use.
  • Our most comprehensive service has your bike covered down to the nitty-gritty details.
  • Full strip down to bare frame: clean frame & check for alignment & damage, clean & check threads; face frame & disc mounts*; disassemble, clean, inspect & re-assemble hubs*; remove, clean, re-grease, re-fit & check headset & bottom bracket and full set up of bike including gear and brake adjustments

    **where applicable
  • Parts fitting included
  • As M- check (Pre-inspection)
  • Put bike in stand
  • Frame Wipe Down, clear cable gear guides from debris
  • Frame & Fork Safety inspection
  • Remove wheels and feel for bearing wear/play
  • Remove quick release skewers clean and lightly lubricate
  • Check the fitting of mudguards, racks and bottle cages for security
  • Drivetrain Component wear inspection including: Chain wear measurement and associated components,
  • Check cassette for secure fitment on the freehub and freehub body is loose or noisy
  • Correct chain or chainring(s) for drivetrain
  • Check cogs to be compatible with derailleur and shifter
  • Chain correct alignment
  • Hollowtech ll locking plate is installed
  • Brake/gear levers mounted correctly on bar and STI levers stiff or loose
  • Brake operation – signs of uneven braking & stiff function
  • Gear operation smoothly or stiff function or slow to react. Slip or pass a gear and indicate the correct gear when shifting (where applicable)
  • Inspect rim brake blocks & disc pads for wear and alignment
  • Inspect brake rotors meets minimum thickness. Min. THF = 1.5 mm, signs of overheating, check for warped rotors.
  • Anti loose safety caps or wires used on disc brake calipers mounting bolts.
  • Hydraulic braking – Inspect system for leaks (and as brake check/operation)
  • Brake & Gear housing inspection – correct casing used, cut to correct length, ends corroded or split.
  • Brake & Gear wire inspection – frayed or corroded, end caps fitted
  • Lube – down tube gear cable adjusters and check they turn (Road Bike)
  • Bottom bracket for play/wear
  • Bike Torque – Checks include crank arms, pedals and steering bolts
  • Drivetrain Clean (On Bike) and Lubrication
  • Safety Inspection of wheel rims for damage, dents, cracks, rims worn past marker and flat braking surface
  • Check for loose spokes and true if necessary (On Bike)
  • Check headset for free moment and wear, adjust as required
  • Lubrication points – rim brake calipers, derailleurs, brake leaves and seatpost quick release
  • Carry out Brake & gear adjustments
  • Inspect valve for correct alignment, valve core for damage and correct length
  • Inspect tyres, and inflate to correct pressures. (check tyres for irregular wear, any cuts in tyre tread and sidewalls)
  • Manufacturers specification/reference material used
  • Road test
  • Seatpost and quill stem not past maximum height
  • Check saddle, bars and levers position to rider
  • Make a final report, any recommendations and advice.
  • Any extras & any parts used are chargeable, your bike will be checked first and you will be given an estimate or further investigation may be required or upgrade the service option.
  • A detailed report on the customer bicycle will be completed by a Cycle Technician using a checklist.
  • As Intermediate Service plus:
  • Put bike in stand and remove wheels
  • Frame Wipe Down
  • Remove wheels – Check wheels & hubs. Inspect wheel rims for wear (Rim brakes)
  • Remove and clean quick release skewer, lightly lube
  • Check and adjust brakes (Remove pads with disc brakes and inspect) clean brake calipers and inspect brake blocks. Lubricate moving points and spring.
  • True wheels on bike
  • Inspect headset bearings – clean and re-lubricate
  • Check drivetrain wear (Chain, gears and associated components)
  • Clean & lubrication of drive chain on bike
  • Clean & lubrication of brake & gear cables (where possible)
  • Check and adjust gears
  • Check suspension operation and visual inspection of forks, rear shock, frame bearings & Bushes.
  • Check torque of bike components (Including Crank bolts, wheel nuts/Quick release, steering)
  • Check pedal bearings
  • Remove seatpost clean and use the recommended lubricant
  • Inspect saddle rail and bolts are secure (And position)
  • Road Test
  • Diagnostics check and advice on any further work required
  • Bike set-up to fit rider
  • Any extras & any parts used are chargeable, your bike will be checked first and you will be given an estimate or further investigation may be required or upgrade the service option.
  • A detailed report on the customer bicycle will be completed by a Cycle Technician using a checklist.

"I’ve got two Scott e-bikes and have pre-owned several others and Tom has always been capable of resolving the many issues I’ve had with the bikes. He’s got a trusted reputation with bike manufactures so deals with warranty issues promptly. He appreciates the importance of getting you rolling ASAP!"

George Attard

"Very friendly staff booked me in no problem work done on my bike to a great standard and advice given on bike care excellent service"

Raymond Dalrymple

"Couldn't fault the service, only needed a single spoke repair but was dealt with professionally and quickly even though they were busy. Even the small sales and jobs are treated as if you're in for a full service, excellent guys thankyou, 5 stars"

Paul Parker

"Boss cycle shop, I got my bike a gold service after riding it for 5 years, when Tom had finished it was like brand new, fast, friendly and good value."

Philip Greenough

"Great service from Dennis and Tom, very professional, great communication. Will come back 👍👍👍thanks. William"

William McLaugh

"Nice a helpful and fitted me in and done the job so defo got my vote"

Dean Evans