Cycle Scheme

How do I Get a Cycle to Work Bike?

See information below on how to get involved in the CycleScheme

Contact Your HR Department
  • Find out which scheme your employer uses
  • Your Employer Code
  • How much you can spend on your new cycling equipment. This limit is set by your employer

Choose Your Cycling Equipment
  • This can include a bike and/or cycling safety equipment.
  • Most items are eligible under the scheme. Click here to see what items are not included.
  • Make a note of the total cost of your basket, you'll need this for your voucher, or use our online quote form

Get Your Cycle To Work Voucher
  • Different scheme providers have different names for the cycle to work voucher:
  • Get your Cyclescheme Certificate Number and Redemption Code here
  • For other providers contact your HR department

Redeem Your Voucher With Us
  • Contact us directly on 0151-306-1398 to purchase via Cyclescheme. You can then arrange delivery of your order as normal.
  • For other providers, email us your signed and dated voucher with details of your order. We will be in touch to arrange delivery.

Cycle to Work FAQ's

The Cycle to Work scheme is a great way to get up to 42% off the price of a new bike and safety equipment.

This government backed salary sacrifice scheme is available to PAYE employees in the UK and is the most cost-effective way to get a bike for commuting. You can even get an e bike to make your commute easier. Save money with tax free bikes.

Cycle to work is a salary sacrifice scheme. This means the cost of a new bike and cycling equipment is deducted from your salary as a non-cash benefit, so you save on tax and national insurance. Your employer buys the bike for you to ride to work and you ‘hire’ it from them. The ‘hire’ period is usually 12 or 18 months with monthly payments taken directly from your payslip before tax deductions.

As you don’t pay income tax or national insurance on the scheme payments you will save between 32% and 42% (depending on your tax band) on the overall cost of your new bike and accessories. Although your employer owns the bike, effectively it’s yours to use as you wish throughout the ‘hire’ period.

When your hire period is coming to an end you have three options to choose from.

1: You can return the bike.

2: You can immediately take ownership of your bike and pay a fee based on ‘fair market value’.
HMRC has set fair market values that employers must pay to keep the bike. So, you may be asked to pay up to 25% of the value of a bike costing more than £500 after 12 months.

3: You can extend your hire agreement at zero cost. - Most popular option -

This allows you to opt into a extended rental agreement at no extra cost.  Your hire agreement is extended but you have noting else to pay. At the end of the extended hire agreement (usually 4-5 years) ownership will automatically be transferred to you.

Breakdown of cost

Based On HMRC Fair Market Value

Please note: There is no guarantee that your employer will transfer ownership to you at the end of the hire period. Usually employers are happy to do this, but you should check with your HR department to be sure.

Age of Bike - 1 Year
Original Bike Price (Under £500)
Original Bike Price (Over £500)
Age of Bike - 1.5 Years
Original Bike Price (Under £500)
Original Bike Price (Over £500)
Age of Bike - 2 Years
Original Bike Price (Under £500)
Original Bike Price (Over £500)
Age of Bike - 3 Years
Original Bike Price (Under £500)
Original Bike Price (Over £500)
Age of Bike - 4 Years
Original Bike Price (Under £500)
Original Bike Price (Over £500)