SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant
SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant
SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant

SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Giant

Unlock the full potential of your Giant e-bike with the SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Kit – the ultimate solution for enhancing your riding experience! Specifically designed for Giant 2017-2022 motors (excluding SyncDrive Pro motor with RideControl Go), this reliable third-generation tuning chip empowers you to break free from speed limitations.
  • Activation: WALK button/ - + - +
  • Maximum speed: unlimited
  • Speed limit setting: yes
  • Display shows: actual values
  • Compatible with:
    • Motors Giant 2017-2022
    • Softwares from 2022 onwards
  • Not compatible with:
    • RideControl Go
    • SpeedBox App
    • Giant Talon, Explore, Fathom (produced in 2022-2023)

We do not recommend updating the software of the e-bike.
Once the SpeedBox 3.0 is seamlessly installed, your e-bike's display transforms to showcase real-time data, including maximum and average speed, daily mileage, and cruising range. Say goodbye to restrictions and ride with unmatched freedom.

How does the SpeedBox 3.0 work its magic?
Activating the tuning kit is a breeze – simply engage it on your bike's controller by pressing the WALK button. Witness a display of 9.9 km/h (6.2 mph), signaling the liberation of your e-bike's speed capabilities. Cruise effortlessly at speeds of 40 km/h, 50 km/h, or even soar beyond 60 km/h.

To deactivate the tuning kit, press the WALK button again, and your display will indicate 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph), restoring the speed limit to 25 km/h. Your e-bike returns to its original state, unaffected by the tuning kit.

SpeedBox caters to e-bikes without the traditional control unit featuring a Walk button. In such cases, a simple combination of - + - + buttons activates or deactivates the SpeedBox, providing you with versatile control.

Customize your electric assistance's maximum speed effortlessly by adjusting modes three levels down and three levels up. The actual speed limit is displayed, and you can fine-tune it by pressing the WALK button or turning the rear wheel 360°. The displayed values correlate to speed limits – 1.5 km/h for 15 km/h, 2 km/h for 20 km/h, 2.5 km/h for 25 km/h, and so on.

Enhance your e-bike's performance and take control of your ride with the SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Kit – your key to an exhilarating cycling experience. Available now at our Liverpool-based bicycle store!