SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Flyon 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Flyon
SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Flyon 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Flyon

SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip for Flyon


Discover the power of customization with the SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip, designed exclusively for the Haibike FLYON model line. Elevate your e-biking experience by taking control of your ride's speed limits.

Installation of the third-generation SpeedBox 3.0 is a game-changer for your Haibike FLYON e-bike. Once installed, your e-bike's display transforms, providing real-time data on maximum and average speeds, daily mileage, and cruising range.

  • Speed limiter: Deactivated
  • Activation: By switching between two modes (→ ← → ←)
  • Display shows: Actual values
  • Compatible with: Motors TQ HPR120S
  • Not compatible with: SpeedBox App

In case of updating the software of your e-bike, uninstall SpeedBox from the e-bike first, update the software and reinstall SpeedBox.

Activate the SpeedBox 3.0 tuning chip effortlessly through your e-bike's control unit. A simple button sequence (→ ← → ←) allows you to toggle between two assistance modes. The chosen speed limit will be displayed briefly on your screen, and the motor will seamlessly support you up to that speed.

To deactivate the tuning kit, repeat the button sequence (→ ← → ←). Your display will show a cadence value of 25 rpm, resetting the speed limit to 25 km/h. Your e-bike will then operate as it did before the chip installation.

Customize your electric assistance experience by adjusting the maximum speed through different modes: EXTREME - HIGH - MID - LOW - MID - HIGH - EXTREME. Rotate the rear wheel 180° to switch between speed limits. The display will correspond to the set limit, with 15 rpm indicating 15 km/h, 20 rpm for 20 km/h, 25 rpm for 25 km/h, and so on. The last displayed limit is saved after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Take charge of your e-biking adventure in Liverpool with the SpeedBox 3.0 Tuning Chip – where performance meets personalization. Elevate your ride today!