SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose
SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose
SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose 
        SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose

SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose


Discover the ultimate riding experience with the SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning Chip for Brose, the cutting-edge e-bike enhancement now available at our Liverpool-based bicycle store. Unleash the full potential of your electric bike with this powerful and versatile tuning solution, seamlessly integrating Bluetooth technology and a user-friendly mobile app.

  • Activation: SpeedBox App/ WALK function/ + - + -
  • Maximum speed: unlimited
  • Speed limit setting: YES
  • Display shows: actual values
  • Compatible with motors:
    • Brose SPECIALIZED (except for SL models)
    • Brose S-MAG
    • Brose S
    • Brose T
    • Brose C
    • Brose T-ALU
  • Compatible with:
    • SpeedBox App
  • Not compatible with:
    • motors Brose S Mag FIT
    • Enviolo Automatiq
  • Not compatible with e-bikes:
    • e-bikes that do not have a connector in the display port (usually there is just a dummy plug instead)

In case of updating the software of your e-bike, uninstall SpeedBox from the e-bike first, update the software and reinstall SpeedBox.

Unlock Limitless Speed:
The SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning is engineered to elevate your ride by suppressing the speed limiter, allowing you to enjoy unrestricted speeds. With the SpeedBox App, monitor and store trip parameters directly on your phone, providing real-time insights anytime, anywhere.

Effortless Control:
Activating the tuning kit is a breeze – either directly through the mobile application or your bike's display. The intuitive WALK assist function empowers you to set speeds ranging from 40 km/h to over 60 km/h. Deactivation is just as simple; activate WALK assist again to reset the speed limit to 25 km/h, restoring your e-bike to its original state.

Versatile Compatibility:
SpeedBox caters to various e-bike models, including those without a classic control unit with a WALK assist function. Easily activate and deactivate the SpeedBox using the combination of + - + - buttons.

Customizable Speed Settings:
Tailor your electric assistance to your preferences using the SpeedBox App or by adjusting modes – TURBO, TRAIL, ECO, OFF, ECO, TRAIL, TURBO. Set maximum speed limits with ease, with real-time speed limit display for effortless customization.

SpeedBox App Features:

  • Tuning control
  • Speed limit settings
  • Trip data storage and viewing
  • Invisible tuning
  • Motor lock
  • Motor diagnostics

Enhance Your Riding Experience:
While the SpeedBox 3.0 Bluetooth Tuning seamlessly integrates with the SpeedBox App, it isn't limited to this interface. However, the app serves as a powerful tool offering a comprehensive overview of your performances, ensuring you make the most out of every ride.

Before ordering, download the SpeedBox App to your phone and explore the demo version to experience the incredible features first hand. Ensure your phone is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher for a seamless connection to the SpeedBox Bluetooth Tuning. Elevate your cycling adventure today with SpeedBox 3.0 – where innovation meets unparalleled performance.